Hi, I'm Anthony Muonaka

I am a fullstack developer with experience in building Web applications with frameworks such as Reactjs and NodeJs. I currently work as a Frontend engineer at Homefort Africa

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Recent Works

Here are a few projects I've worked on recently.

Homefort website

Landing page for the Homefort Energy Limited. Homefort is an app that allows users to monitor their gas level to ensure that they never run out of gas.

civily img


Civily connects the government and society together by building an inclusive society.


Market data

Marketdata allows users to make smart food decisions and get real time market price at their fingertips.

todoist img


I created a todolist app with React and Typescript. You can create a task, edit it or mark it as complete. You can also drag and drop a task from active tasks to completed tasks.

yconnector img


A business solution that intelligently connect brands and SMEs to their target customers anytime and anywhere. Built with Reactjs, Redux and Springboot.

About Me

I am a full stack developer with 2+ years of experience with frameworks such as React, Typescript and NodeJS. I have a passion for design systems, web accessibility and serverless technologies. I am fully committed to learning new technologies.

My Skills

Tools I use

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